Ricky Oyola

Man Ricky Oyola is awesome. That footage in the credits of the Love Park docu, of him arguing with some random dickhead is amazing/inspiring.


Home Sweet Home

Conhuir & Denis Lynn in Belfast, The Scrum Tilly Lush. from Philip Evans on Vimeo.

This part has to be one of the best Belfast parts to come out ever. Not just based on the skating, Phil Evans really captured skating in Belfast I think, it looks cold, bleak and pretty raw.


What is this Witchcraft we have here? Heath is gone is he not?! Maybe some exclusive footage, maybe 10min mega ramp part, maybe a retirement shoe to get him a pension and shit. Who knows. Heath's the man.


Words of Windsor


I feel like i haven't contributed to this blog in a little while. just goin through one of them can't be bothered phases at the mo... doesn't mean i am not totally bonering of skating still. Went down to carlisle the other day and really enjoyed skating with a slightly different set of people. not that im not stoked off of the usuals. its just cool to see some different styles some new arrivals to the carlisle scene. bit gutted i dont live there anymore. two people in hawick myself included does not a scene make!! Also downloaded that habitat video a few posts down. some real cool tricks and nice style n vibe. love seeing some stefan janoski footage. and austin gylette if thats how you spell it. his part is class too. does this grind and then pops it into fakie. its cool. anyway this is a pretty unreadable ungrammatical spiel now. so ill leave. anyway keep skating! im getting ready to scope out the 5 meter long only under cover bit of tarmac in hawick and work on my flatground . The long winter of 2010/11 has started! shit!


I recently just found this image. It's a skate calendar from 2003 (transworld I think?). I remember after 03 was done I ripped it up and kept some pics and trashed others. This is the only one left and I'm pretty psyched as I still love BA to this day.

It's such a crazy pic to run I think. Don't usually see pics printed where the rider is looking at the camera. It's such a unique angle.

Others I remember from that calendar were Kerry Getz, Jason Dill and I think there was an Arto lipslide in there?

What skateboard imagery have you had on yer walls over the years?

Spot the difference?

I have been pouring through Skateboard Magazine 80 these last few days and it's no surprise that it's another awesome issue. It's quite easily my favourite skate magazine (I'm sure I have said this before).

They have a great interview with the Boss in which he discusses his part, future parts, and other things too. So they ran loads of sequence shots from the part, one being the enderkickflip...which I'm sure you'll agree is one of the most amazing things ever and deservedly warrants being the final trick in one of the best skate videos of the year.

There was also a Reynold's Baker advert earlier in the magazine, of the same trick. I noticed something different about the two...I've tried to highlight it by zooming in. See it?

So the difference comes down to either Photoshop, or he did it twice...what do you think? And also, imagine if you were that guy, just wandering by Andrew Reynolds as he films his ender ender ender of all enders.

I'm pretty sure its the same sequence/angle and was taken by Atiba as he was credited in the interview in the magazine (no photo credit on Baker ad).

Wurzel Gummage.

mo'fudder did it twice...speaking of twice, look out for next post.

Habitat Origin

What a team. I'm looking forward to this, love the habitat vibe. Shame about the type treatment of the title though, I think it looks stinkin.

YEah MArc

ha. well going to try one of these next time im down park.


I'm posting up a kelly hart part coz he rips, has awesome switch flips, seems like a top bloke (see torey puds first try friday for proof). And he replied to me on twitter! STOKED, plus side to my birthday!

Gamble Skateboards

Industrie VI - Ich Bin Gamblers Tour - from Team Gamble on Vimeo.

Just found out about this company...they make being French very appealing. Apparently their decks come with a silver coating and you gotta shred them to show the graphic (genius idea)! If I had one at the moment, it would be well and truely silver.


ch ch ch

changes to blog tony... recognise! do you like the courier i dont mind it .. only thing i was bit iffy on. wat y reck

It's ON

I've seen it once before, sober. Then once pretty drunk, just replaying Reynolds...I was ttttotaled. But this will be the first time I've sat on my own to fully immerse myself in it. Leant from a good friend Sean. Had a pretty heavy skate-media session last night. Checked out mindfield again, man that is a video like. Few others too.

Found one of these knocking about.

It's fair to say that right now I'm stoked.

Video and shit aside now, I have been thinking recently about my weak right ankle (pop foot) and how I've been pretty weary of it when I'm skating, it even sometimes puts me off skating entirely. I think this may be a solution but I wanted to run it by you. I have an ankle support, it isn't great, but would mid-tops or high-tops provide me with extra support whilst skating? I really want to comfortably skate again, it fucking sucks not being out as much and sort of cagey about trying things.
ooof batb3 got a bit tense there. well wish shane had won that. ah well im rootin for t puds now. then pj. think it will go on till sunday just cos of a pj p rod final?


Stoked off this wee clip.

Matt Taylor

Matt Taylor does cool drawings. I came across this one of LIZARD KING in this months huck magazine and I thought it was cool. When I went to Mr Taylors site to see if I could get a pic of it, I found there was not only that but an insightful little piece on the drawing...check it out HERE.

Never knew Lizard's real name was Mike Plumb?!