It's ON

I've seen it once before, sober. Then once pretty drunk, just replaying Reynolds...I was ttttotaled. But this will be the first time I've sat on my own to fully immerse myself in it. Leant from a good friend Sean. Had a pretty heavy skate-media session last night. Checked out mindfield again, man that is a video like. Few others too.

Found one of these knocking about.

It's fair to say that right now I'm stoked.

Video and shit aside now, I have been thinking recently about my weak right ankle (pop foot) and how I've been pretty weary of it when I'm skating, it even sometimes puts me off skating entirely. I think this may be a solution but I wanted to run it by you. I have an ankle support, it isn't great, but would mid-tops or high-tops provide me with extra support whilst skating? I really want to comfortably skate again, it fucking sucks not being out as much and sort of cagey about trying things.

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