Love this

It's funny how skateboarding shows it's face in many other places, especially on the internet. The amount of songs/clips etc I've viewed on youtube, and there are just scores of comments simply stating a dude's name or company name etc. I cant fully explain what I'm getting at here. I'm a better in person than in pen (or blog).

This rally of comments really made me smile because for a change, the two people were being nice to each other.

So yeah. Be nice to each other...nah that wasn't what I was get at either.


Tampa Pro

Didn't catch much of this years Tampa Pro. But I watched this and was amazed by many. Mostly by Busenitz though.

Alex Olson didn't go to Tampa Pro. So random that I found that today.

Best ever

Now with slightly better quality than before.

sick as you like.

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Why we re different ( think you could do more than a top 5 on this.

Rudy Johnson turning into a bit of a hero of mine.

One Step Beyond

I always thought the One Step Beyond intro was ahead of its time. So cool. Music is awesome's 'Tewe' by Autechre.

Tom Asta

New part from Tom Asta just landed...crash landed.

Insane part, I find it hard to tell what stance he is, think he's regular. Which makes his ender trick, even more insane.

Nice PosterS

I like this set of posters by Mark Boyce. The series is entitled 'I used to Skate.'

At the rate I'm going, I'm nearing to the title of these posters. Someone find me some friends.

Forgot about this!

Cab is a legend. I forgot all about this boardslide. Think it was in Tony Hawk 2? Maybe 3, not sure. But it was one of them.

Thing that gets me with this trick though now, is how fast it shoots him out! Just watch it back a couple of times, its crazy how hard and fast he hits the landing. Wow.

Cody McEntire

Some sweet tricks in this small section. Some however, are over styled and I think it looks a bit shit. So there.

BA Blazers

Finally scraped enough hard earned cash together for these. Couldn't be more stoked off them.

Go watch some Brian Anderson parts now, coz I dont have time to embed some haha!