Mark Suciu

Don't know shitt about this kid but this rip clip is sweet.

little bit of enjoi footage

shit song.. but hsu makes up for that


a classic banger

An Emerican update from Thrasher

I'm sick of saying it but, when the flying feck is Stay Gold going to drop?! Been waiting nearly 4 years now and as me and Graham previously discussed, the brand will have lost initial impact from the marketing and advertising campaigns, seeing as they did it so long ago, and pushing it again might be more money than its worth. We all know it's probably going to be video of the year...but just what year is probably harder to predict.

Yeah so, Thrasher blog has some cool snaps and small clips of the teams recent trip to Arizona. Size of that kickflip from the Boss?!

Crossroads Best Trick Contest

So this went down on the other day, loving "the sword" set, looks awesome...and yes, that is nyjah houston (only about 5ft taller), still rippin. The dreadlocks must get annoying though. Some great tricks during this session, Cole tearing it up as usual, what do they feed him?!

Another occurance that went down at Crossroads, was Antwuan Dixon deciding taking over as the presenter of Transworlds coverage of the event. CLICKETH HEEEEAAAARRRGH

New Leo Romero Advert

Leo Romero Collection Commercial from RVCA on Vimeo.

Penny Menikmati

Victory monument

found a little on video gold mine on youtube

respect for this rail


steve berra is so boring

On Video - The importance of style


part 2

reese forbes ollie in part two.. oh my.. its just an ollie too

man i love ryan shecklers new song

good he's not forgotten his skateboarding roots like some people eh rogers?

Wieden + Kennedy

Wieden + Kennedy are an advertising agency based in Portland, Oregan. I figure that some of their people that work for them were/are really into riding wood, so maybe that's why are posting a series of fucking-awesome videos on their site about skateboard culture.

Get some.

That should be the link to episode 4, but have a look at the others too.

patrick melcher

some pretty cheeky tricks in this... the willy grind the wallride down the stairs and the last trick were bangers... i wish people like this wouldn't pack out their whole sections with these cheesey tricks though .. i mean theyre cool and that.. but they always put way too many in... this is almost a good mix but still more of the bangin normal tricks would be nice... blah blah express yourself and skate how you want... just sayin

mega king

Make friends with Marty Murawski

Some brilliant manny and ledge tricks from blueprints new team rider. I think he fits on blueprint but i dont know if thats just because i have only seen him under their graphics and brand, but i do think hes a bit different from other american pros. anyway yeah .. unreal skating. Kinda shits on the rest of the team a bit too.

Also who is Lucien Clarke on nowadays? fancy finding a bit more footage of him. secsfilms

Abandoned-Irish-Hotel skate session you say? Awesome. secsfilms explains it better than I, as I don't want to re-word what they have said to sound like I know the history behind this spot in Waterford. All I know is that this looks like an awesome spot to do whatever-the-fuck-you-want at.

Jurys RIP from secs on Vimeo.


BS FLIp BS 360 any trick really is a belter

Post 22 Issue 20

I did not know of Post 22 until this morning...glad I know now though. This clip is real nice, really well made, great track too. Previously posted on Mostly Skateboarding.


After a bit of searching, I found that Post 22 is the site of James Tupper, dude runs all this by himself!! Should have a browse on his site, its pretty good...bookmark that shit, or subscribe to his twitter feed.

Gotta Love Leo

Leo Romero, day in the life...i'd of embedded it but you know the score with chopping bits off the video on the page...

Still think my tash is better though.