New Roger catalogue is up Have a peek, they always manage to get a smile out of me!

Interesting volcom bit

Wish i could comment more but im in a hurry. : )

Let's give this a shot!

I don't have Graham's number on my new phone. Nor can I find his email address.
This should work though.

Jamie Thomas said on Twitter, they're opening submissions from graphic designers for new Fallen, tee-shirt designs. I presume it'l be for Spring 2011.

I'm going to submit something. Tidy wee deadline too. Hows about the blog could be a platform to crit eachother as we go along?

(Feel free to delete this post, I just wanted to contact you really). I'm sure no-one else is reading though! But if they are......yeah should submit a design to Fallen too. You never know yer luck! DO IT NOI.

Just a 'little' Panasonic advert...

Anyone not in this advert. Check out the little kid with the tailslide flip out...I was out skatin yesterday and managed to roll my ankle in 25mins. He made me feel even worse. Think it's time to call it a day haha.

Big Move!

WOW! Apparently the new line of DC shoes are meant to be class...I dunno. Just typing something to go with this picture.


New Year's Dae!

I was so bummed out today, until I got to watch this part. Daewon kills.

I wish the Berrics weren't involved with this. I understand it will gain Almost allot of publicity but it's ridiculous to charge a dollar for this (63p). I love to collect and have skate videos and I would of gladly paid (much more than a dollar) for this, if they had of put it out as a regular release.

The idea of putting my card details forward for 63p is silly.

Digital era blah blah blah blah blah.


thought it was funny.

Skateboarding is so danjarous!


Just booked tickets to barcalona. goin out march 16 back 23rd. so so stoked. big les is coming too.. working on ste... need to get more skaters going though... TONY! coming to barca!?