New Mystery rider

Couple points of interest in this post....mystery adds Tom Asta to their team, and also colour to their adverts for the first time, which I am liking allot.

And also, Tom Asta switch heels down the love fountain gap.


this looks awesome

not sure if i agree with the whole skateboarding needs therapy thing though. its just got bigger. its just that more people are doing it i reckon. but we 'll see what its like i guess.


WESC Russ Milligan from Popular on Vimeo.

New Russ Milligan promo video from wesc. Artsy as fook.

haha as if .. DOUBLE BAZOOKA!


Fiske Coming Hot >>

Welcome to the world of Colin Fiske. Can't wait for new Heroin video.

Couple of RVCA beasts.

RVCA - Southwest Skate Tour from RVCA on Vimeo.

that fall. oof.

Welcome to the Team, Cory Kennedy - aka Wonder Boy from RVCA on Vimeo.

fully flared would have got away with it if it weren't for that pesky kid!

Palace Skateboards

Palace Promo_ There is Nothing Else from bolderman on Vimeo.

I'm sure you all know about this new brand to the skate world...I just saw the lead singer of Hot Chip wearing one of their t-shirts however and it made me want to find out a bit more.

This company has been around about 6 months or so now and I'm just trying to picture their vibe. They seem to use allot of triangles on their website and have three riders on their team, could this be a permanent fixture? Personally I wouldn't find that too exciting even if I am a big fan of both Olly Todd and Lucien Clarke. I quite like their promo video but really feel it owes allot to Heroin skateboards. I guess it's hard to do something new in skateboarding now, but it's still early days for this company.

As far as their graphics go, I'm not really sold, although I did really like the feel of their first catalogue, which came out back in September(ish) and you can see here. And there is another statement HERE about their output on the High Snobriety site.

Last Times at Carlsbad High Jam

We've had the legendary spot posted on the blog before, but yesterday saw a jam take place there, don't know how these institutions are just okay with these events happening but I probably shouldn't question it. Such a great montage, love the fs shove.

Check the tws site for more knowledgeable information on the event.

Happy Easter!

jake johnson

sick part. seen it so many times now and its still amazing. 3rd best part in the vid after bledsoe and kirchart in my opinion. all three just have choice tricks amazing steez and just all round good parts as far as song choice going with the skating etc.


This will probably be video of the year. Wow dude...just wow.

Biebel's World...

Forgot to mention this...don't have a clue what Biebel's World will entail but I do believe it will be damn entertaining. He's without a doubt one of my favourite personalities in the skateboarding world and I'm more than looking forward to seeing this new show.

Keep your eyes peeled for this!