skART 5

Winston Tseng, is the man behind pretty much all of the enjoi decks you have ever seen. I love enjoi's brand and the vibe/tone of voice they've managed to create. They definitely produce some of the best graphics out there.

You can find Winston's website HERE and it features all the awesome graphics he has produced for enjoi over the years.

Anyone any idea what the enjoi site is all about at the minute? I hope it's a joke. CLICK ME

How Day Do Dat?

Ever wonder how the boards we skate get made? This is how they dooz it at A Third Foot! I like this video as it shows you the process without Rodney Mullens, about-to-burst-into-tears, voice all over it.

At Long Last

Belfast is finally getting a skatepark! This project has been many years in the making. High Fives go out to all the heads at BUS that made this happen! I cant wait to skate this place, been skating many many years in Belfast without a park so it will be most welcome.

Opening around January, I will definitely travelling home for the opening, Uni friends are welcome to come with me, stay at mine and skate the park!

(Irish skate forum, pictures online here)


Tried not to go for the people I just wanted to win, not that I dont want Cole to win. Jerry i think Rodriguez is comin for you. gonna be some awesome matches soon.

I love this guy.

Jesus Fernandez is a legend. The end.

Is It Thursday?

Stan Karbine

I don't know much about this guy but I do know he's got mad pop and you gotta watch this part of his and seriously check out his last trick'll probably watch it more than once.

Gotta love the kid rappin at the end.

Skate & Create...Etnies

Here is a link to the Winning video from this years Skate & Create II. YEP.

The Legend of Boxton Square

John Rattray Footwear Move

Who saw this coming?

John Rattray, one of Britain's finest exports, has made the move to Es footwear...strange move?

That Es team is getting pretty diverse now.

Es Welcomes John Rattray


Here is a nice and fun video from Mystery's Jimmy Carlin. I say fun but these tricks are no joke at all.


DC Skate and Create

Ignore that video below. Here is a link to the transworld site with the video in full glory, not half of it.


Think I will start just posting links as half a video is pointless! Please opinions from the previous post are still the same!

Skate & Create...DC

Here we have DC'S entry into Skate and Create II. Some amazing skating in here, Dompiere is a beast (I always forget he has long hair).

There's parts of this entry I like, and parts I don't. I like the props, I think the skaters moving amongst the black & white backrounds, foregrounds and scenery is a real nice idea and it all looks pretty cool. The thing I don't like about this video is that it seems a bit too sentimental. They just re-created spots in various cities (china banks, love park slab gap, brooklyn banks) and thats not really ticking the boxes for skate & "create."

Oh yeah, and jumping over that band is so cheesy...80's shit right there.

Bring on etnies.

Skate & Create...Circa.

Here is Circa's entry into Skate and Create II. I really love this competition, throwing companies and riders into a room and making them be as creative as they can be. I love the nose manual over the big semi-circle. Some great skating in here. Where's etnies video at?! Keep one eye on the transworld site.


Transworlds skate & create is back. DVS won it last time and here they are again absolutely destroying. Really well shot and co-ordinated. Apparently Etnies won it this time round, I ain't seen that video yet but if its "better" than this I got to see it soon.

Think Torey Pudwill throws down one of the biggest back smiths possible in this video.

(ok so on my computer the video is in half. Here is the link for a hq version .. its sooooo sick one of the best skate clips I've seen, the crooks up n back was cute as fuck! watch it im so psyched on this. link)

Goodbye Skateboarding

Listen to goodbye skateboarding

I think you've made the right decision

Farewell Jereme Rogers


Mini-Ramp(age) Mondays!

New to the blog...we bring you the best mini ramp parts we can get our hands on, every Monday (hopfully). What a way to start...I don't know if we can match this one like...

Mini ramp from jlfb on Vimeo.


Super part

This is like a totally amazing part.
Creager is a total understated genius.
Those back tails fuck yeah!


The new (I think new?), Anti-Hero site is fantastic, what a great way to advertise new products. Frank Gerwer makes a great anchorman.



Rowley, Penny, Appleyard, PJ Ladd and more in this amazing mini-ramp part contained in Volcom's Chicagof. The skating in this is class, as is the setting. I've not seen this video in a while, I want to see it in its entirety.

Enjoy this.

Fs Blunts

After years of trying i just learned fs blunts on the smallest quarter ohh yeah ..
Bachinsky here i come!

Nike SB advert

I saw this new Nike sb advert the other week and thought, yeah, thats nike sb, throwing money at their ads and throwing Ice Cube and Kobe Bryant in there because they can, good stuff.

Now, it is a great ad, real nice to watch, good track etc. But I didnt think it would make it onto various design blogs? It was featured on Its Nice That this morning and apparently other blogs too!

Great switch tre down the triple set and good to see Koston having some fun in Nike sb's.

**please note the camera angle used at 1.34 is definitely a reference to the invisible board section in Girl's 'Yeah Right.'**


Ben Horton's work is a treat. If you keep an eye on graphics of various companies, you'll be well aware that Ben has contributed to many, including $lave, Zero and RVCA.

I really like his work,(you can see I like drawings of animals) I think its his heavy use of black inks and the scratches that do it for me. If you don't skate and want to own a piece of his work don't worry. I see his work featured allot on t-shirts, just keep an eye out.

You can and should check out his website, which is here. His website is a bit fiddly, but be patient, it's worth it.

New Skateboard Graphics

I got this book recently and it's a fantastic insight into where skateboard graphics are at this point in time and highlights how important graphics are for brand identity. Not only does the book showcase the work of many skate companies (worldwide), but it has a good thorough list of designers and artists that create graphics for the companies shown in the book.

I'd urge skaters to have a look at this book if they get the chance. Sure it's better to see the boards in the flesh but this will be nice to look back on when you can't skate no more.

MANSTEEZE: Heath Kirchart

Heath easily qualifies for a man steez, this recent part from mindfield and the part from sight unseen just prove it. He does the biggest rails, with really cool style, I can't believe the bs lipslide halfway through this, and the bs flip at the end SAAY WHAAAT!?

skART 3

FRENCH! French is a UK based illustrator/skater and is probably one of my favourite artists/illustrators out there. I've been following his work for about 5 years now, as he gets allot of press and coverage in UK skateboard magazines. He has done allot of work for many many skateboard companies over the years and his work never ceases to amaze me. I love his subject matter and his attention to detail.

Ive got two or three of his pieces as tee's and a couple of prints of his work aswell. Can't get enough of that shit! The video here covers the recent(ish) launch of a vans shoe which he did the artwork for. There was an exhibition to coincide with the launch, containing more work from the man himself.

You can look at more of French's fine work here, and you can follow his death-metal moves here. Fuck yeah.

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Me n a couple friends went to Edinburgh n Perth, this spot was so much fun.

skART 2 (overdue)

Mark "Fos" Foster is a man of many talents. Not only does he run, skate for and design for two successful English skateboard companies,(Heroin & Landscape) but he also manages to design for U.S. skate clothing brand Altamont, which he designed the logo for and stuff.

Ive admired this guy for many many years, both for his skating and his artwork. Plus, he's a Tom Waits fan. Check out either of these interviews if you've a spare 5/10 mins and you'll see some of his work,some of his skating and he'll tell you a wee bit about himself and his creative process aswell.

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