1.21 GIGAWATTS!!!!!!

Tony, something's wrong with the way my computer signs into blogger. It always signs me out as soon as i come away from dashboard or posting screen, so i can't post comments its well annoying me too. gonna have to try sort it... yeah man i might do both
im ituning it wi les and ste, but then i ll prob buy the real thing on dvd. i fancy that ed templeton special edition like. depending on how good the vid is(should be fuckin awesome). i reckon etnies should well have won the skate and create too. it fuckin time travelled us back to 1990s dude.... 1.21 GIGAWATTS !!!!!!!!!

cant wait!

Sidewalk Apr 04

For the past six weeks or so, I have been reading through old skate mags, taking my time and enjoying the old articles, advertisments and photos of riders from years gone by. I came across this article about good ole Ali Boulala and thought I would share as I found it interesting.

Another reason for sharing this is because Ali has some new wheels and decks out, good news. I hope to see some new footage soon, but as of yet I haven't heard or seen anything from him.

I have luckily been given a stack of old magazines, and along with my current collection, I hope to share some of the finer parts of them on this blog...hope someone finds it as interesting as I do!

Less than a week!

Bit more hype ammo for the hype gun.

My mate's got this on pre-order, hopfully be checkin it out next Friday, as it's shipping from Edinburgh. £11.95 yo, that's a damn bargain, theres gonna be like 13/14 full parts up in this A-bomb of a skate flick. If you like, you can check the soundtrack on skatevideosite.com. If you're mad keen on not finiding out anything about this vid before seeing it though, dont check that, as it pretty much gives away the running order, but hell, I checked and I'm even more psyched as ______ ________ has got last part!

Dylan Reider Gravis

Didn't even know that this was coming out, fantastic skating. Does this mean that Gravis are pushing Reider as their main man? I just hope that this part means we will get an Arto version sometime in the near future.


oh my god steve berra is so boring. i hope he never gets to direct a real film. noone would sit through it. he is so boring. no one wants a bat box either. who gives a shit if they've been damaged. he has an amazing voice though.....garage sale.....one dollar



ever since i saw that p rod nike advert i always wanted to skate this park. it looks so awesome. gutted i never will be able to.

Skate & Create!

It's back again, stoked. Fallen, Lakai, Adidas & Etnies going at it this year. Adidas video will be online first, this coming Monday.


Should maybe go on Vimeo and watch it big/full screen though. Really really nice.



Think Skateboards

New promo from Think Skateboards...their new full length vid is out next year, gunna be great.


Reynolds talk about Stay Gold

SO psyched on this coming out. I think it's going to be one of the best videos ever, without a doubt. Kinda bummed out I'm not going to get to watch it for the first time with the guys in Carlisle though.


http://www.megaupload.com/?d=HWNW0JW2 get on this tony. bledsoe and pudwills parts are unreal.