TOP 5 Skate shoes- its official

funny that they've gone with nike 6.0 as opposed to nike skateboarding clue is kind of in the name there. Kinda want to know what their evidence is for this is for this..but probably the fact that they're blatantly 12, they haven't thought about backing it up with any ... can anyone say poser?

Beebz got mad pop.

Arto Saari is a terminator

hate going into them ,,,,,,
apparantly ea never let them use this commercial .. think it would have been pretty good.
this made me laugh.. nd the fs flip is a keeper

East Coast Shit

Ricky Oyola's part from 'Underachievers' circa 1995. There's something I love about east coast parts. Think I can relate to it more, the spots arent as clean and the sun isn't always shining.

This part is great to watch, (love the backside flip in front of the car) interesting to see some spots and how they are still used now (the underground set-to-steep bank). Think I shall post up some more east coast parts. It is interesting how east coast/west coast create a different aesthetic/vibe.

Enough babble.

Just got my first skate in about two weeks there... couldnt even bs flip . or fakie flip .. what the fuck
And if your not into our shit, go fuck your face. haha


I love mystery, I love their brand identity, all black and white and mo town .. one classy company. I think I've posted everen stallion before .. but once more can't hurt.

Mystery website HERE

Bastien Salabanzi on fire...

More Skateboarding >>

Action from the Tony Hawk Show Street Course, in Paris. Some big names at this one, think its a quiksilver thing....


Bastien Salabanzi, what can you say?! Unreal. He's completely loving it too which made me chuckle a bit.

Theeve Trucks

Theeve Trucks

Brand new American truck company, Theeve Trucks...and they have just announced their initial team (pretty solid, some big names), they clearly want to make an impact and be a top competitor within the market, but is there really any room? I guess time will tell.

Doubt we will see them in Britain and Ireland anytime soon. I'm sure there will be reviews and coverage within the next few months across all aspects of skateboarding media.

Nick Tucker

This dude recently had a recruits part on the berrics, it's strange how you can not hear much of a skater ever and then when you do they seem to pop up everywhere...its like flavour of the week or something.

Came across this tidy park section of his, some bangers in there alright.

Frontside 360 heel you say?!

sing a song of daewon.

Copenhagen Pro o o o o o o o oh yeah

check out this here or is it here ... nah its both.



learned english well.

total pet hate

weeeelllll ...



I kinda hope he does get folk ordering,
ONLY $27 dollars.

from crailtap

Just when Hawick couldnt get any worse





View bigger HERE

I just bought some adidas, I'm hoping Ill be able to skate like this when they come... godly landing on that hardlip. Best 360 shuvit and pretty sure he runs a pigeon over too .. added points!
jake duncombes full cab flip at the end. say WHAAAT!?

seeing as its friday

Best first try friday.



I think it might be emmm... leo romero, he s been pretty on this year.
I think malto would be pretty good though, he's a bit of a koston killer. Whatever that is..

Another post bigging up tom penny!!

Tom Penny's part in the new flip video has landed... i mean .. obviously its not the best part in the video. mark appleyard (amazingly flowy and amazing) and david gonzales' are better. But if you've spent hours searching for, watching and rewatching tiny fractions of tom penny footage on youtube, a full over 3 minutes of new penny footage can't be topped and for that it is my favourite part. so as much as the tricks aren't the best in the video as far as difficulty noone else could pull them off in quite the same way penny does especially that kickflip manual 360 flip out... have you seen how locked it is?!! and the little tweak on the landing. its just so beautiful!... anyway .. here's two articles and the unedited (rob dydrek-less-thank god)part from that chain to bank and i think hes actually smokin a fag on the sw flip.. un real! Here Here and Here

Chris Roberts

Chris roberts and manuals go hand in hand.. heres an interview about him and manuals going hand in hand. Which is as rad as the sound of grinding on concrete.

chris roberts from safari-skate on Vimeo.

and heres some new ish . two years ago footage from him