This is not real

Tony Ride from secs on Vimeo.

A Ride controller probably costs less that an actual deck too so they might have saved money aswell. Good lads.

Previously posted on ripal. Made by secsfilms

oooh innee good


salibanzi seems well sound like. was well into seeing him back in a contest

kim ottermo

minus the trilby and i quite like this guys style.. nice nollie bs flip in that run

best nollie hardflip ever

oof that fs flip

Mark Suciu

Dont even know how to say this kids surname but he is sick. Lots of quick-footed tech trickery in here!

On another note,(just gotta get it of my chest), I still can't skate and now it's past the stage of being annoyed at not skating and at the point of worrying about what is wrong with my foot. Feet and bones and anatomy is complicated isn't it? Hope I can skate throughout summer...fingers (and toes) crossed.


Just recently been watching LRG's first full-length vid, 'Give me my money Chico.' So good, really got to get my hands on a real-life copy. Real nice summer feel to it!

As good as it was however, I'm already looking forward to their next offering as they recently added Tommy Sandoval, Billy Marks and Tom Asta to the squad!

Visually Heard / LRG Skate Introduces Tommy Sandoval - Full from LRG on Vimeo.