Brandon T and Peter Smolik

was properly into this part when i was younger, and why not.. it is one of the sickest parts ever. im still thinking of my top 5 skate parts of all time..

Top 5 video parts

Im trying to work out my top 5 video parts ever.. really difficult.. thinking about it in terms of style, tricks, music, and general feel of the part. and how phsyced it makes you feel .. im thinking lem villemans part might be kicking around in there. pj ladds wonderful horrible life. hsu s part from bag of suck .. then ooh i just dont know.. saaris part in flip sorry?? toughie .. im gonna have to think on this one. expect it up soon .. .. . . .. . ... . . .. .. ...... . .. .

The Carlsbad Gap

and why its so sick

Top 5 tricks down carlsbad

5.Tom Penny/Andrew Reynolds/Antwuan Dixon
Sw fs flip/nollie full cab/nollie heel

4.Corey Mcentire
Nollie Bigspin heelflip
(check out next post down)

3.Tyler Bledsoe
Bigspin flip

2.Johnny Layton
Sw 360 flip

1. Brandon Turner
SW Hardflip

MR Mondays

not a mini ramp part, but that shit at the start is amazing... which kind of sets the tone for the rest.. and a contender for best trick for carlsbad.

we was there

from a while ago. Sheckler owned that day at leeds. Guys got talent like.. but is still a bit iffy. Can't wait for his rap career to take off.
fuckin huuge

Zoo Yorks

This is another round up video from tampa am, from Zoo York. Deily was rippin.

respect but a bit of a douche.

Check this out. Sheckler is a strange one like.. nice to see him eating shit.. but then total respect for being able to do this.

Chris Cole S.O.T.Y

Yep, he's done it again. He was a favourite pick for most people and they wern't wrong. Chris Cole is skater of the year. There's a video on the Thrasher site with him on the phone to Jake Phelps...pretty interesting, "You won that flatground competition in that warehouse." Whats that about? Beef with Berrics?

Nice one Chris Cole!

manny maniac

skating in drizzle is no fun especially when i cant land that fucking fuckin manny kickflip out !! Ive been trying it for three skates now... WHAT THE FUCCCCKKK.. why haven't I rolled a away from any, not even one!!

Tampa Am 2009

So the weekend past just saw 2009's Tampa Am, a competition I have followed through mags and highlight videos for as long as I have skated. This year's competition however had a live feed and I was lucky enough to catch the last 10 minutes or so of the best trick comp (which was chaotic to say the least - 100 dudes piling at 1/2 obstacles at a time, what!).

Saw some mad stuff go down live which was cool.

Flip am Luan Oliveira took 1st place overall and rightly so, here is a highlight video featuring top 12 skaters of the weekend. Mad stuff.

man it sucks not skating regularly ,, cant land hardly owt... but at least i got to skate today
wow.. lakai pumps out the good adverts.