Tampa Am 2009

So the weekend past just saw 2009's Tampa Am, a competition I have followed through mags and highlight videos for as long as I have skated. This year's competition however had a live feed and I was lucky enough to catch the last 10 minutes or so of the best trick comp (which was chaotic to say the least - 100 dudes piling at 1/2 obstacles at a time, what!).

Saw some mad stuff go down live which was cool.

Flip am Luan Oliveira took 1st place overall and rightly so, here is a highlight video featuring top 12 skaters of the weekend. Mad stuff.


  1. wow man .. that nollie inward heel out . that was unexpected to say the least... luan is pretty much pro like

  2. Yep. First person ever to win tampa am twice i believe. Thats a major deal. He'll be next pro on flip.