New Etnies web clip

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I love this new clip by etnies, it's refreshing and really feckin nice. Makes me want to skate so bad...shame I've a bloody dissertation in the way though.

Skateboarding is COOOOOOOOL


I know it's not Friday but let me tell you, antihero are putting up pfive chunks of pfooty of Chris Pfanner every pfriday...heres the pfirst.

I think I watched that kickflip-into-the-bank-ender so many times its etched into my tiny little brain.

Don't Fear The Sweeper...Part Deux

Daniel Espinoza

New addition to Lakai, this intro video for Daniel Espinoza has some sick skating.

Impatiently Waiting For...


and this

Slave and Zero videos on their way...I've seen them both already like but thats not the point goddammit. Grahahaham, text me dude, I've lost your number. need to sort out a night to screen these, and anything else new I can get my hands on. Considering renting a projector for it, bit over the top?


heres a wee bit more new penny footage too HERE HERE awesome.. the nollie .. oh my

Strange (but new) Penny footage

Here's some recent Penny footage on youtube, doing what he does best! Absolutely killing a mini ramp. This edit is gay though, whats with all the pointless colours?



Dublin recently got itself a new indoor park, looks small and fun, here's some footage of it via another skate blog...mountkennett

SofD MK from Underplain on Vimeo.


malto has a new shoe out btw... but check this simple stunner! the jameson 2


KID IS SIIICK ... also just got his board. full new setup its so sweeet. independent trucks, sean malto 8" domino board, girl wheels ... bearings ... the lot!!! cant wait for this snow to melt then.






LEO ROMERO can't fucking wait till emerica stay gold.. how fast is he going here??

El Toro...

Looking forward to finding out what it was Sheckler got down el toro...the rail ain't there no more so we can deduct grinds. He's got a big bag of tricks, solid backside flips, bs360s etc etc, but that set is a potential career ender, so I don't know...this thing is a monster like, here's a reminder...

Guess we will have to wait until Friday...not that we'll see the footage then though.


I came across this whilst going through my old school homework diaries, at home over christmas. Most of the homework diaries that I kept were covered in drawings and cut outs of magazines, skate magazines of course. Sequences, articles, stills, adverts, the lot! Don't know how I got away with doing that in class.

Anyhow, this is one of the pictures I took, got some more to show in the next couple of days...note which numbers I ticked and didn't.

I think this is from transworld skateboarding mag, going by the content and style...definitely not Big Brother or Thrasher. The article is probably 8 or 9 years old!

Dan Murphy

Dan Murphy now rides for Foundation...sick introducing clip,this dude skates hard and fast!

Nick Tucker footage

Think all this footage is relatively new. This kid's gonna be huge I reckon.

Don't Fear The Sweeper...

Part 1 of I don't know how many.
Need I say anymore?