Man Steez: Diego Buccieri

THE BUTCHER!! Diego skates faaaast and ollies huuge shit. MAN!

New board yay

Just got back from Carlisle and I'm happy, I recently got sponsored by a local shop S4 the best Skateshop in Carlisle, Britain, possibly the world .. maybe. Anyway I'm happy because i picked up my first board today. Its nothing too serious which is cool..have to keep filming to get a little clip up for them, and im also going to do graphics work for them in return for skating stuff an shoes. I'm pretty proud, and I've got a new board to skate double happyness. hurray

Man Steez: Brian Anderson

MAN STEEZ.... A term used to describe no nonsense skaters, no fancy haircuts or cutesy outfits, just straight forward MANskating that could kick your ass.

Brian Anderson.

The Slam alone qualifies Anderson, everything past that is a bonus! Seriously though Brian properly barges tech street.

Trick Tips with Jamal Smith

Mike V (not pro)

He's had his day. Learn new tricks or get out the game.

Bastien Salabanzi (NOT TONY MOORE)

How sick is Bastien Salibanzi? I know he got well up himself with the self props n stuff .. but this vid came out when he was like 9. I still don't know exactly why he dropped out the scene, maybe he spoke to Penny about that one, anyway he's on Jart skateboards now.. I'm hopin he'll be back on top soon.... NOTE: Not Ireland's Tony Moore.

low quality youtube (raw)


How good is Nick Trapasso? Take a look for yourself. This is his part from Transworld's "And Now."Im really looking forward to his part in the upcoming converse video, titled "Prevent this Tragedy."

*PLEASE NOTE* You are not watching Scotland's Graham Anderson, this is definitely America's Nick Trapasso.

Nick Trapasso (high quality) from CokeLaRoke on Vimeo.

DVS: Dudes Dudes Dudes

Watch part 4 the most!

Newcastle (County Down)

I'm on work placement at the moment in Newcastle (Co.Down, not upon tyne) and really loving it. Haven't had a proper skate yet, just messin about flatground in the street to keep fresh, but when I do venture out (on my own most probably) I have spots like these to hit.

Newcastle have recently been given a massive facelift, with ledges and benches stretching the length of the promenade. Its nice to look at as well as being a mighty fine spot for skaters.

Newcastle also has its own indoor a church. Its pretty small but its cool plus its got a bad ass stained-glass-window!

Kellen James

Awesome part, Kellen is regularly featured on sk8mafia Saturdays on the Transworld site, I think theyre still going on anyway if not you should try nd find their archives theyre all amazing skaters, it also has Brandon Turner and Peter Smolik kicking about in there too, so well worth a look.

Etnies Recognition Tour.

Tony and I recently went to leeds to see the Etnies team.. they were amazing, anyway i'm sure we'll have a post to expand on that soon.. but heres a link to the Arizona part of their tour here. In which is Sean Malto pretty much wins.

Check this out from last year too Barcelona 08

poo is

child prodigy n that. lewis rips.


More tom-penny Skateboarding >>
I'm gonna fill this blog with slightly off to the side videos, quick Tony post another skart!


The raniest day, and im itchin to go skate. Two vids to cheer us up... everyone loves a montage!

Tim O Connor

pretty hilarious, Tim skates for Adidas and is a pretty sick skater as well.


just randomly clicked onto this.. he fuckin battles that sw fs flip. pretty interesting to watch.


Arto Saari is a monster, he s one of the people who makes big look small. That fakie flip and double bowie goodness equals awesome part.

Songs: David Bowie, 1984 and Rock n Roll Suicide.

skART 1

Whilst reading through this months "the skateboard mag" I came across a new shorty's advert which parodies the classic, iconic graphic of the screaming hand which was penned by Jim Phillips for Santa Cruz in 1985. If you skate, you've seen this image countless times. I just thought I'd highlight the strength of this image and how it is referenced and used again and again in many ways.

New Shorty's Advert

Puma Shoes! (Stinking looking things in my opinion though)

Tribute to Jim Phillips, by Stef Grindley


Graham - Backside flip, Carlisle city centre.

This is the first clip of some footage we have accumulated over the last few months. Some of it is super-shakey-shitty quality on a digital camera (as you can see) so sorry about that. However, we do have some footage on a nice big proper camera, I promise.

Sure its all a bit of craic anyway!


not the original soundtrack. But still so awesome. GIRL TEAM ARE MAGIC


Antwuan Dixon...kills it. This guy is crazy like but he is so relaxed on his board its like someone else is in charge and he's just along for the ride. First saw him in a Baker video and was instantly shouting things at the screen like "WHAT THE FUCK!?" and "HIS ARMS DONT MOVE." Seriously, they dont. Check out this Deathwish part of his, great tunes and he seems like a crazy fun dude. Below is a pretty cool image of him off Thrasher mag, where there was a feature on his tattoos, check it out here.

1. Jerry Hsu

Alright here he is, number one, Jerry Hsu. The first skate video I ever saw was Osiris the Storm, and Jerry 's section was a beast in that. I was just a youngun when it came out so I didn't really get why Hsu's part stood out, it was probably the rad elevator music. Anyway I declared Hsu my favorite skater, and I've always kinda kept an eye out for tricks by him. Recently Hsu has come out the woodwork in a big way, mostly thanks to this amazing part from the Enjoi vid - Bag of Suck, followed up by a quick "promotion" to Emerica shoes, and a few Epicly Later'd appearances. Hsu is also a cool photographer, with a sarcastic sense of humor which is always a plus

Sponsors include Enjoi, Emerica, Royal and Ricta

Songs: Sacred Heart, Cass Mcombs and Superstar, Sonic youth. (check the carpenters version too.)

2. Tom Penny

This guy is a real British / worldwide skating legend, bursting onto the international scene in the late nineties, landing some insane tricks for the time. Sw fs flipping Carlsberg gap like nuthin, as well as the infamous chain to bank session put Penny firmly on the map, although he soon dropped off said map into the dark shadows next to the map, the map being a metaphor for lime light (yes)... However Tom came back strong in Flip's 2001 video "Sorry" which is a cult classic, and still the video of choice to get me in the mood for skating.

(Arto Saari side note, "Sorry" features the best fakie flip ever (Time takes a cigarette)

Penny's sponsors include Flip skateboards, Kr3w, and Supra.

Song: Edith Piaf, La vie en Rose, Velvet Underground, Venus in furs. (choons)

3. Kenny Reed

I wanted to post Kenny's part from '7 Year Glitch' but its just so awesome youtube can't handle it (probably). So this is Kenny's part from Static 2, which is almost as good. Kenny seems like a really cool person, he's probably been everywhere in the world, he's always traveling and has footage from some of the most obscure spots. Just by watching this part you can see he's a well stylish character, with tweak t boot and cruises easily into my top 5.

Kenny Reed's sponsors include I-path (I thought they'd gone out of business, but obviously not), Destructo Trucks, Rasa Libre, and Planet Earth.

Song: Shins, So Says I

4. Nate Broussard

Nate Broussard is relatively unknown (with people I've spoken to anyway) but has skated as an am for Adio for years, its where I first saw a skate part by him way back on the "One Step Beyond" video. To be honest I wasnt massively impressed until a few years later when he was featured in another Adio vid, "Adio Rock", he only had a small section, 5 or 6 tricks, however, the tricks stood out to me a lot more than some of the other featured pros. As you'll have gathered by now I'm well into a cruisy casual style of skating, and even the other pros in my top 5 struggle to get quite as casual as Broussard. (maybe its because he's tall.)

Nate's sponsors are Adio, and Planet Earth, I'm not sure what board sponsor he's on, Bueno maybe. (answers in a comment)

Song: The Wizard, T-rex

5. Stefan Janoski

Stefan Janoski in "Habitat's Inhabitants".

This part is so cool, chilled out song provided by the kinks.. and chilled out style provided by the man himself. I could swear Stefan is sleeping through a few of these they're so casual, don't let it fool you though there are so many switch tricks hidden in amongst this its unbelievable, his new shoe is tidy as well, think I'll try get me hands on a pair at some point.

Stefan's current sponsors are Nike sb, Habitat, Venture trucks, and Analog clothing

Song: Animal Farm, The Kinks

6. Tyler Bledsoe

This is Tyler Bledsoe's debut part, in "The Alien Workshop" video "Mindfield" Its totally mindblowing. Its not just the incredible tricks but the style with which Bledsoe lands them that makes this one of the best parts I've seen, and why Bledsoe is very close to being in my top 5 favourites. A few more videos like this and he should be in everyone's.

Tyler Bledsoe is 18 years old, He grew up in Portland, Oregon.
His current sponsors are Etnies, Alien Workshop, Spitfire, 4 Star and Venture Trucks.
(correct me if I'm wrong on any of this please)

Song:The White Flash, Modeselektor