1. Jerry Hsu

Alright here he is, number one, Jerry Hsu. The first skate video I ever saw was Osiris the Storm, and Jerry 's section was a beast in that. I was just a youngun when it came out so I didn't really get why Hsu's part stood out, it was probably the rad elevator music. Anyway I declared Hsu my favorite skater, and I've always kinda kept an eye out for tricks by him. Recently Hsu has come out the woodwork in a big way, mostly thanks to this amazing part from the Enjoi vid - Bag of Suck, followed up by a quick "promotion" to Emerica shoes, and a few Epicly Later'd appearances. Hsu is also a cool photographer, with a sarcastic sense of humor which is always a plus

Sponsors include Enjoi, Emerica, Royal and Ricta

Songs: Sacred Heart, Cass Mcombs and Superstar, Sonic youth. (check the carpenters version too.)

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