2. Tom Penny

This guy is a real British / worldwide skating legend, bursting onto the international scene in the late nineties, landing some insane tricks for the time. Sw fs flipping Carlsberg gap like nuthin, as well as the infamous chain to bank session put Penny firmly on the map, although he soon dropped off said map into the dark shadows next to the map, the map being a metaphor for lime light (yes)... However Tom came back strong in Flip's 2001 video "Sorry" which is a cult classic, and still the video of choice to get me in the mood for skating.

(Arto Saari side note, "Sorry" features the best fakie flip ever (Time takes a cigarette)

Penny's sponsors include Flip skateboards, Kr3w, and Supra.

Song: Edith Piaf, La vie en Rose, Velvet Underground, Venus in furs. (choons)

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