want t go skate ! fucking snow.

S . O . T . fuckin ! Y .

skater of the fuckin year ! leo romero of course ! so sick.

Der Bratwurst Tour Ever

Der Bratwurst Tour Ever from Crailtap on Vimeo.

I've been rendered near speechless after watching Crailtaps latest offering, Der Bratwurst Tour Ever. Just so well made.

Not going to ramble on as you should just watch it, but, I'm blown away at the calibre of this tour vid, along with it being absolutely FREE. I need not talk about the skating/skaters involved as we already know.

yeah tony your'e awesome !

gods pouring the can yeah

Street League

Just finished watching stop three of street league. I'm in a very weird mood. I was as equally stoked off of some stuff as I was pissed off by others. It's a very strange mood to express i assume my face looks like ive had a stroke. (ho ho)

Things that were awesome - The Skating. The Skaters. Especially Shane O Neill.

Things that weren't awesome -

anything ROB D said:
"The most exciting bail in the history of skateboarding"
"Single highest score in the history of street league" (It's been on 3 times!)
"Big! Kickflip Fs Boardslide" (It's in the big section, It goes without saying!)

(It told me who won before i got to watch the video! why would you put that in the description!)


pretty good choice there.................................................................................... dollar!

2 pics from es

over handrails!

first winter skate !

fureezing tonight. luckily no hassle at the indoor spot. but it brought back memories. feels like ive not been there since i was 15. which is not far off. but yeah pitch black. difficult to see any fliptricks.but still got to keep the fire stoked!


First Itch of the Season

Man just got two new skateboards for my birthday and it is fucking pissing it down outside. small town life bringing me down. no scene no indoor spots. (loving cory kennedys style just now. unreal.)


nike sb bird is the word tour


I reckon rob welsh is well underrated .


actually just went to post that jensen section haha. man even had the embed code copied. absolutely sick section. the bs flip manny thing! you seen the cory kennedy bits on crailtap . beast.

Yeah Jensen

Don't really understand how the block of ice got involved like (referencing the weather in Britain or somethin?). Feelin this though, love harsh spots, Jensens a killer too, love that ollie-powerslide-sw flip sequence.

Weathers grim huh.

Gino Mixtape

Gino has pretty much completed skateboarding.

Wondering why they left the backside flip over the planter out (from Yeah Right).

This is what you want for winter

Your own god damn tech facility, keeps you dry and warm and keeps the tricks on lock. I'm gonna have to start raiding abandoned buildings or something. It's been too long already since I last had a proper session and could be allot longer now that these winter months are hitting us hard.