I've found some footage of that photo of penny a few posts back

he killed it. video never does anything justice though.


Tom Penny Bs 360 kickflip.

Found this pic on my computer from the flip demo a while ago.
Now I dont think he landed this one but the one he did land was as boned as this caught at about 270 and penny-magic-feeted round 360. Its possibly the best trick ive seen... live definitely. HOW SICK IS THIS!?


best game of this year so far!

this is proper sick

caswell's fs crook

jamie tancowny

These B sides are sick!
Tony did you delete the wieger post and the thrasher one? neither is showing up on my computer?



Total carnage on that double set.

New Lakai advert

Continually laying the smackdown, Lakai give us another great advert. So stoked to have the compilation of all last years adverts and short videos on dvd, sometimes the creative direction in the shorts is much stronger than a full length.

Also, I think that the creative direction is more important in these adverts and short parts as they are more about increasing awareness of the brands vibe. Totally agree with Graham on videos getting too hollywood.

Which is why the Real video, Bones video & Krooked 3d have been some of my favourites in the past few years. They are stripped down, raw skateboarding.

t boss

Syfranski! B side


Collin Provost B side

Think that when you see the more basic tricks as well it shows how mental some of the tricks in the actual vid are... i like this more raw footage... skate videos are too hollywood now.

Figgy B side

Figgy does the massivest stuff! Harsh Harsh slams in this.

Brian Herman B SIDE

Think Herman's part is actually my favourite part in Stay Gold

love penny

This Is KR3W Tom Penny from KR3W DENIM on Vimeo.


I was so stoked watching this. Still am.


battle commander is silly