4. Nate Broussard

Nate Broussard is relatively unknown (with people I've spoken to anyway) but has skated as an am for Adio for years, its where I first saw a skate part by him way back on the "One Step Beyond" video. To be honest I wasnt massively impressed until a few years later when he was featured in another Adio vid, "Adio Rock", he only had a small section, 5 or 6 tricks, however, the tricks stood out to me a lot more than some of the other featured pros. As you'll have gathered by now I'm well into a cruisy casual style of skating, and even the other pros in my top 5 struggle to get quite as casual as Broussard. (maybe its because he's tall.)

Nate's sponsors are Adio, and Planet Earth, I'm not sure what board sponsor he's on, Bueno maybe. (answers in a comment)

Song: The Wizard, T-rex

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