malto has a new shoe out btw... but check this simple stunner! the jameson 2


  1. Yeah, that shoe is nice, but do you not feel it looks like nearly every other shoe out there at the moment? All the companies are putting out near exactly the same thing at the minute, nice shoes but not much flair goin on. This is why I reckon vans and lakai are probably my fave shoe companies...they just keep doing there thing and dont seem as concerned as other shoe companies about putting out whats trendy.

    Just felt that needed to be said.

    sick shoe though.

  2. yeah i do agree with you, everyone wants the janoski! But then its not like theyre fully selling out y know, just going for whats popular. Think about fashion in general we look back at the 80s and 90s and go what the fuck were they wearing? (osiris d3s). but if one company came up with something that sells and other companies didnt follow, well for one they'd lose money,and secondly we d all be walking around in nineties shit, and probably avidly listening to oasis too, and nobody wants that again! This is prob just an argument because i buy into all that trends shit, y see me in the skinny jeans and skinny shoes y know, so i can hardly defend it, but i do agree with you. Just go with the flow my friend go with the flow ..