Another post bigging up tom penny!!

Tom Penny's part in the new flip video has landed... i mean .. obviously its not the best part in the video. mark appleyard (amazingly flowy and amazing) and david gonzales' are better. But if you've spent hours searching for, watching and rewatching tiny fractions of tom penny footage on youtube, a full over 3 minutes of new penny footage can't be topped and for that it is my favourite part. so as much as the tricks aren't the best in the video as far as difficulty noone else could pull them off in quite the same way penny does especially that kickflip manual 360 flip out... have you seen how locked it is?!! and the little tweak on the landing. its just so beautiful!... anyway .. here's two articles and the unedited (rob dydrek-less-thank god)part from that chain to bank and i think hes actually smokin a fag on the sw flip.. un real! Here Here and Here

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