Skate & Create...Etnies

Here is a link to the Winning video from this years Skate & Create II. YEP.

The Legend of Boxton Square


  1. so good. I've been well impressed by the etnies team for a while like. I was a bit gutted when it was a dreeaaam though. the s rail stuff kicks ass .

  2. Yeah true. Great set design like. They put the right team members in too. Rojo would have been a nice bonus though.

    They definitely deserved the win. DVS a close second i'd say.

  3. I agree, I was discussing it with Ali, I think circa kinda saw dvs' one last year n recreated it, and im total over folk skating cars and i didnt really get the concept so they came last. DC were good but a bit repetetive left to right camera/obstacles so they're second last. Dvs was nice and minimal, really nice props, clean looking and torey pud!. Etnies just put Dcs set to shame really. very creative, and arguably the best skating, or interpretation of the obstacles anyway,also michel gondry inspired which is a plus, and i showed my mum n she said it was the best one too haha.

    Lookin back at last years they've all stepped up a lot though. I also think that if emerica redid theirs or kept the same theme nd expanded on it, theirs would be as good, i think it was the most creative of the last lot, n not just cos i like that team. Also theyre all better than anything i could create, or skate. I love this contest, next years will be beast!