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FRENCH! French is a UK based illustrator/skater and is probably one of my favourite artists/illustrators out there. I've been following his work for about 5 years now, as he gets allot of press and coverage in UK skateboard magazines. He has done allot of work for many many skateboard companies over the years and his work never ceases to amaze me. I love his subject matter and his attention to detail.

Ive got two or three of his pieces as tee's and a couple of prints of his work aswell. Can't get enough of that shit! The video here covers the recent(ish) launch of a vans shoe which he did the artwork for. There was an exhibition to coincide with the launch, containing more work from the man himself.

You can look at more of French's fine work here, and you can follow his death-metal moves here. Fuck yeah.

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