Palace Skateboards

Palace Promo_ There is Nothing Else from bolderman on Vimeo.

I'm sure you all know about this new brand to the skate world...I just saw the lead singer of Hot Chip wearing one of their t-shirts however and it made me want to find out a bit more.

This company has been around about 6 months or so now and I'm just trying to picture their vibe. They seem to use allot of triangles on their website and have three riders on their team, could this be a permanent fixture? Personally I wouldn't find that too exciting even if I am a big fan of both Olly Todd and Lucien Clarke. I quite like their promo video but really feel it owes allot to Heroin skateboards. I guess it's hard to do something new in skateboarding now, but it's still early days for this company.

As far as their graphics go, I'm not really sold, although I did really like the feel of their first catalogue, which came out back in September(ish) and you can see here. And there is another statement HERE about their output on the High Snobriety site.

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