Spot the difference?

I have been pouring through Skateboard Magazine 80 these last few days and it's no surprise that it's another awesome issue. It's quite easily my favourite skate magazine (I'm sure I have said this before).

They have a great interview with the Boss in which he discusses his part, future parts, and other things too. So they ran loads of sequence shots from the part, one being the enderkickflip...which I'm sure you'll agree is one of the most amazing things ever and deservedly warrants being the final trick in one of the best skate videos of the year.

There was also a Reynold's Baker advert earlier in the magazine, of the same trick. I noticed something different about the two...I've tried to highlight it by zooming in. See it?

So the difference comes down to either Photoshop, or he did it twice...what do you think? And also, imagine if you were that guy, just wandering by Andrew Reynolds as he films his ender ender ender of all enders.

I'm pretty sure its the same sequence/angle and was taken by Atiba as he was credited in the interview in the magazine (no photo credit on Baker ad).

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