I feel like i haven't contributed to this blog in a little while. just goin through one of them can't be bothered phases at the mo... doesn't mean i am not totally bonering of skating still. Went down to carlisle the other day and really enjoyed skating with a slightly different set of people. not that im not stoked off of the usuals. its just cool to see some different styles some new arrivals to the carlisle scene. bit gutted i dont live there anymore. two people in hawick myself included does not a scene make!! Also downloaded that habitat video a few posts down. some real cool tricks and nice style n vibe. love seeing some stefan janoski footage. and austin gylette if thats how you spell it. his part is class too. does this grind and then pops it into fakie. its cool. anyway this is a pretty unreadable ungrammatical spiel now. so ill leave. anyway keep skating! im getting ready to scope out the 5 meter long only under cover bit of tarmac in hawick and work on my flatground . The long winter of 2010/11 has started! shit!

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