Flip Should Be Sorry.

Just downloaded Flip's second vid, 'Really Sorry' on Itunes, and I am well disappointed.

They have changed all the music to some shitty 'Baron'esque medley... Im sure Baron is a good musician but music makes a part as much as the skating, and to just have the same style by the same artist takes away from the individuality and memorability of the parts and the skaters.

Also they haven't re-edited any of the parts to fit with the new music so everything looks a bit off and it just takes the impact out of the skating... I'm not saying that the original 'Really Sorry' had the best music ever, but think of some other parts with different music and it just ruins them. Imagine Kircharts part in Mindfield without Speedway, or Saari's Sorry part without Bowie... they would be balls compared to what they are just now.

Which is exactly what this new version of 'flip really sorry' and 'flip extremely sorry are'... they are balls and its down to the music. (not even going to go into the animations)

If they re-do Flip Sorry in this style I will be over Flip skateboards, They used to be awesome and now it seems they have totally lost direction or lost something. Not as Baker as Baker or Shake Junt or Deathwish (who Im really not into but at least they have a consistent feel to them), not close to being as well thought out and presented as Girl/Chocolate.

If I was Saari I would have stayed on Alien Workshop.

(Finally I realise this is a bit of a pointless rant but whatever)(and that flip as a company/Brand are pretty gash now)

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  1. That wasn't a pointless rant at all! I enjoyed that allot. Im shocked they did that to really sorry. Must be some sort of rights thing and it probably saves them money. But it's not cool to do that at all.

    I bet the skaters are pretty pissed of with that decision as I think they probably had input into what they want their track to be on their part.

    Flip as a whole have gone a bit shit like, they're totally just trying to appeal to a younger market. Conhuir Lynn had a great sidewalk interview recently, he mentioned about flip and how they just start their team members super super young, appeals to their audience i guess.

    You should write a review about this topic of tunes, on itunes. People need to know before they download it.