Dear Graham/Since Day One

Dear Graham,

Sorry I left you hangin on skype last week. I had to. As soon as you mentioned the Real Video, I had to get the fuck out of there. My local skateshop was holding a copy for me, which I picked up on saturday there. I didn't want no spoilers so thats why I didnt write back!

So. Onto the real video...WOW. Totally awesome, I can see it being a staple of mine from now. Theres just no bullshit with it, it just flows along nicely, solid-part after solid-part.

As Graham said...Ishod Wair & Justin Brock, choice tricks. I loved Busenitz part too, & Ramondetta. The team is full of machines.

I'm real glad this video came along around the start of the nice weather and long evenings. Sick packaging aswell, great for my collection. I'll be enjoying this one for ages!

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  1. yeah man, im stoked its sunny too now.. this is the third time ive tried posting this, it started off as quite a long comment now its this..

    Im thinkin bout comin over to ireland soon... just for the banter like, you free any long weekend in the next few months? and also how much is it to get accross there?