A Sweet Tweet

I follow allot of skate companies and skaters on shitter (pro, am etc) and whats great is when wee videos (like above) and slices of info get posted that you would probably never see. Great for all the skate nerds out there.

Some funny/frequent/interesting skate-tweeters are; Chico, Tim O'Conner, Kelly Hart, Koston, The Getz, Jim Thiebaud, Biebel (lacking lately though), Billy Marks, Nugget, Daniel Castillo. Thats just a few, I can't think of more just right now, but its so easy to work your way through shitter and find loads more.

The best are the skate mags and blogs though, they all got shitter and it means you're usually seeing the stuff earlier than you usually would. Downside is that with all these brands, mags and skaters tweeting...you get distracted allot.

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