had another rubbish on my own skate today. landed 1 bs 360 out of 100 which is a 100% increase in bs 360 landings.hopefully next time ill get to 200%. decided best way to do them is think of a normal ollie but turn 360. no fancy foot placements otherwise the board goes off everywhere else rather than under your feet. still though a massively frustrating day as i have lost my bs flips fs flips and realised that i will never be able to nollie heel properly because of when i fucked my ankle... i know this is just spiel but im in that sort of mood.

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  1. BS 3's are a great've landed 100% more of them than me...think that's correct, im shit at maths.

    I got out briefly (on my own too) the other day and I've lost pretty much everything...took 3 attempts to land a fs 180! So with that, you shouldn't feel to bad, just remember there are schmucks like me out there haha.

    Also similarly, my ankle is crap still too. Been playing basketball again this summer and the ankle is wanting none of it. Really need physio I reckon.

    Finally saw STAY GOLD...met al my expectations, loved it. Got completed bladdered afterwards too, quite a memorable evening, just from STAY GOLD.