skART (It's been a while)

I was forwarded a really nice video today and thought it was perfect for a new 'skART' post. I love how recycled this video is...just taking your mags, cutting them up and producing something else out of them. I'm so glad they stuck a nice chilled out song on this too, and some of the shots inbetween the sequences are pretty cool. It's funny watching this because when I go through skate mags I often try and scan sequence shots really really fast so it's like a gif image going through my brain...probably shouldn't of admitted that.

Skateboardanimation from Tilles Singer on Vimeo.

Skaters I've spotted in this video so far...Lem Villemin, MJ, Correy Duffel, Manny Santiago, Lance Mountain. I think the noseblunt with the sparkler is Garret Hill? Can you identify any others...or should this have been the second thing I shouldn't have disclosed in this very revealing blog post?


  1. Think Guy Mariano and David Gonzales are in there too. Think the second sequence on the ledge is Danny Montoya...but im just going by that hat.