Im researching my top tricks post for the blog, which is probably allot easier and not as much of a big deal as I'm making it. But thats how I'm handling this challenge, so there! I figured that my favourite ever tricks will probably lie in older footage, you know, the stuff you saw when you were young, when you were starting to understand it all a bit better. The stuff which at the time just made you jump out of your seat and run out of the house with your board, there and then. I think thats part of my criteria for these tricks.

One of the video's I found on youtube which reminded me of that feeling was the one above. I remember seeing this for the first time and being blown away at the huge-ness of the tricks they were doing, I literally couldn't believe it. 'The End' in general is probably one of my favourite videos of all time, and something from it may well feature in my top tricks...hint hint.

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  1. Oh my God, I was so caught up trying to sound like a cool blogger that I forgot to comment on the fact that Under Pressure makes that part so much awesomer.

    Fuck-yeah made up words.