These (I think) are my top 3 favouritest ever tricks by pros. I was going to say just my number one but any excuse to post up that jerry hsu or that bledsoe section! (again)

Right in at number 3. Jerry Hsu.

Although every trick in this part is unbelievable i think the one that i like the most is the Switch crooks pop over at 6:44. I dont know why its always just stayed in my mind. and thats what im judging this on.. anyway here is a little soundbite on the very same trick... number 7. (That sequence is unreal as well.)

Trick number 2 is quite similar actually in that its a grind to pop out. but this time its bledsoe with a back smith, and a very very long one at that! chaaaeeeeck it out at 2:14 That shit is unbelievable.

(also heres a little bonus bit of bledsoe steeeeez from barcelona )

Alrighty drum roll. my favourite ever trick ever.... its ARTO SAARI with his amazing fakie flip down macba... what the actual fuck, this is one of the most floaty things ever.. floatier than a cloud.. then the landing.. you can hear everyone everywhere stopping and taking a breath of air as if they'd all recognised a change in the force as that BOOSH noise echoed round the world.

check out the epicness of this first trick.
watch it twice.. watch it 5 times.. its a beast!!
actually every trick here is so flaty and steezy but that fakie flip .. oooof

(bonus arto footy.. how high is every trick here? )

I've asked tony what his favourite ever trick is too so maybe he'll post his up when he decides :)

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