Next week, (as in Thinking about it cont.)

Alright, I did trek to Edinburgh in the end, but amazingly in this month of rainfall record breaking, actually got a dry day, so I didn't make it to the bmx ridden skatepark. I kicked it at Bristo square all day, and I'm glad i went. I grew up skating at Bristo, when I was a youngun, and its always in my mind as to why I skate. Getting taken there when I was like 4, it was the first place I ever saw skateboarding, and all I wanted to learn from then on was how to make my board "jump", infact its where my obsession with skateboarding started all together. (Its the mike york "thing that made me want to go skate")... Aaaaaanyway, I Have to say thanks to the locals for making me feel welcome straight away, (hadn't even done the mandatory first kickflip). Had a couple games of skate with them just to warm up, which was cool. The locals riiiiip , so good at street skating, Bristo is not the easiest place to skate, all the ledges are well rounded seeing as its been thee spot in Edinburgh since i was 4 and before. All of them had so many flips on lock, with good style. There were one or two that stood out, unfortunately i didn't pick up any names, we were just on skating terms, but there was one fella going so fast at stuff, but not in a hesh way, he kept the steez, and was doin some difficult stuff, he might have been repping focus skateshop but I couldn't say. Another fella was doing the best ledge lipslides ever, really cash n to fakie too. To top all this off I had a good day too, my skating was pretty on, which always makes y feel good, got a fs tailside flip out which was definitely a plus. then I went back to my sisters to watch Pirates of the Caribbean and have tea. hummm. Another thing I noticed was that there's new signs posted up, The Regulations of Bristo Square inc. no skateboarding, I really hope they're relaxed about that rule because it really has been a big boost to Edinburgh skate scene, Definitely a love park situation if it got skate stopped. So if your planning any trips in Scotland, try and get there, its great fun just to roll round ollieing on and off ledges really. (Probably the longest post I've ever written.) OVER AND OUT!

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