I was in Liverpool at the weekend on a stag party...I made it through it all and got home in one piece so I am quite pleased with myself. Anyway...Liverpool looks amazing for skating and had loads of cool spots. I saw a good few skaters there too and sat and watched them and was really pissed off I didnt have my board.

Here are a couple snaps of nice spots I saw. Must get there for a skate sometime.

And these photos below are of another spot I saw in Liverpool...I know this spot is in a video, an I was sure it was Geoff Rowley in something but I cant find it so now I dont know if it was him. It's at St. Johns shopping centre in the middle of Liverpool if that helps at all?

This has been torturing me, I have to know what video part it was! Im sure Im not making this spot up!!!!!!

Help a brother out.

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  1. I just found it...

    Ali Boulala line in Flip Sorry...flip up stairs, nollie fs heel, switch fs tail down the small rail.
    God damn.